Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No more macaroni

Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions. I've received a lot of tips recently on how to eat cheaply without boring myself into the bathroom.

I threw away the last of the macaroni and tuna Monday, putting one last portion into a Tupperware container for that day's lunch. I couldn't bring myself to eat it and spent $4.50 on soup and pita chips at the Whole Grocer instead.

I left the Glad container of macaroni on the passenger seat of my car until today when I went to lunch with co-workers. Then I moved it to the back of my Subaru wagon. It's still there tonight. I forgot about it. I'm reluctant to waste it. Maybe I'll eat it tomorrow.

Unlikely, though. I made a giant batch of spicy tofu and bell peppers with rice noodles the other night. It's cheap, healthy and exciting. Also, there's just no way it will take me more than a week to eat it.

I seem to be rebelling from my cheap eating promise, going to lunch and drinking a beer, buying wine at night and goat cheese for a snack.

My expensive taste is costing me. Tips are shrinking. People are coming more slowly to the restaurant, ordering less and leaving little.

I left last Sunday angry because I ended up paying to wait on my last table of the night. They left me 7 percent after sitting two hours as my only table and drinking. I had to pay the bartender, busers and government. In the end, it cost me about $1.50 to serve them.

Please note. No matter how much fun you are for your server, he or she never wants to pay for the experience of being at your beck and call.

Please tip your servant ... er, server.


  1. Ohhh, that sucks! If you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't eat/drink out.

  2. the best affordable food tip: buy a package of guerrero flour tortillas, a big block of pepper jack and some salsa. quesadillas are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.