Friday, December 4, 2009

Who knew not working could be so much work?

Three weeks ago today was my last day on the job at the News & Guide. But I've been going non-stop ever since. I apologize for my long silence but Internet access and time to myself have both been hard to come by.

I have feverishly visited friends and family across the country. I spent the first week seeing scenic Kansas, visiting the OZ museum and getting a lecture on how to be funny from my professor friend. The next two weeks, I spent quality time with family and met relatives who existed between 4.5 years and 45 years without me ever laying eyes on them in the flesh. And then I went to Disney World.

I went to Disney World the only way anyone should ever really go to Disney World -- for free. My friend works there and served as my personal tour guide, optimizing my time there and making sure I rode all the best rides and saw all the best sights. Her husband works for Sea World, so we stopped there to check out the marine life and feed the dolphins with his co-workers before I flew off to Colorado.

I already had a funny little gig set up for this weekend before I got on the plane. Today I paced up and down two short isles of women's clothing in Costco for six hours. It was probably the most boring job I've ever done and I'm going back for more tomorrow and Sunday. But at least the free samples are yummy and the people who man the stations are happy to give you seconds, thirds and even sixths.

I'm still twisting around, trying to catch up with everyone and leaving little time to catch my breath. Starting next week, I will be trying to get people to sign up for Frontier Airlines cards at the Denver International Airport. So if you're ever flying through, give me a call. I might be there.

Sorry I don't have anything insightful or thoughtful to say this time around. I just wanted to let everyone know where I am and that I haven't abandoned the blog.

Hasta Luego.

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  1. I enjoyed chatting with you at the Denver Airport Tuesday Dec 15, although I did not buy a credit card.

    I see from reading your posts that my career suggestion does not fit at all with your past behavior.

    As to what you are, what you call yourself, well, in the first place there does not have to be a single answer. You are definitely a writer, a journalist, an adventurer. I think "working on the great American novel" is a perfectly acceptable answer to give to anyone, any time.

    My usual answer is: "Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up".

    Sometime you might check out these little-known books by Jack Todd, a journalist, adventurer, writer, and friend:

    Desertion (autobiography)
    Sun Going Down (novel)

    Best wishes! Please keep posting.

    Allen (old guy from Oregon)